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TT-3000E Mini-C GMDSS

The Sailor TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System has been developed to meet market requirements for reliable and stable communication. Whether it is an emergency that requires distress calling or messaging of ordinary commercial character, the Sailor TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS system is your ultimate choice as a reliable satellite communication platform. The ruggedized compact design of the SAILOR TT-3026C GMDSS mini-C transceiver makes it very attractive for your new GMDSS solution. Sailor TT-3000E is based on proven technology from the largest supplier of Inmarsat-C terminals.

Ship Security Alert System add-on
The TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System comprises the possibility to function as Ship Security Alert System also. Based on the experiences from the well-known Sailor TT-3000SSA Ship Security Alert System, it has been a natural evolution to develop an add-on solution for the Sailor TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS system.

Sailor 6200 VHF Series

The SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D, and SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D
are the first in a series of new generation SAILOR VHF.

These new VHFs are specially designed and developed for the Fishing and Work Boat segments, offering all the strong features and performance expected from a SAILOR VHF.
The new SAILOR VHF systems stand out from the crowd due to their high build quality, operation and performance. They offer the same rugged feel of previous generations and are designed with ease-of-use in mind, so the SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF
DSC Class D and the SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D belong at the helm of any vessel crewed by professionals.

Sailor 6300 MF/HF

The new GMDSS-approved SAILOR 6300 MF/HF guarantees a constant secure link to the mainland from every corner of every ocean. Designed for vessels operating in Sea Area 2 and beyond and packing our most advanced MF/HF technology, the SAILOR 6300 MF/HF is a vital lifeline for all seafaring vessels. With your needs at the heart of T&T design, the SAILOR 6300 MF/HF offers enhanced functionality, a unique message replay capability (a first for an MF/HF radio), nextgeneration radiotelex software and the ability to connect to multiple control units

GMDSS Console

The VHF and MF/HF can be built-in consoles for 2 handsets incl. Battery Panel and emergency light. Along with power supplies, antennas and accessories this is a complete solution For Sailor A2,Sailor A3 CC, Sailor A3,TLX/C and Sailor A4 TLX/C


At Philbliss we supply service and program your EPIRBs; SAILOR SE- II and SGE-II Satellite EPIRBs, Jotron – Epirb – 40S MkII – 45SX MkII.

EPIRBs are satellite distress beacons designed to operate in conjunction with the Cospas- Sarsat international satellite search and rescue system and are part of GMDSS.


The SAILOR SART II is small and easy to use, offering safety in critical situations. The SAILOR SART II is a 9 GHz X-band Radar transceiver and has been designed for assisting rescue operations in accordance with IMO, GMDSS requirements. Tron SART20 is designed for use in search and rescue (SAR) operations. A radar transponder gives the location for any nearby vessel and aircraft with X-band radar. Radar transponder is designed for use in lifeboats and liferafts.
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